Advantages of using an On-line Silent Auction versus an On-site Silent Auction

On-line Silent Auctions save you time and money.

Tasks required to hold a Silent Auction




  • Pre-event planning

6 weeks
or less


  • Rent building/grounds location including parking
  • Alternative arrangements for bad weather
  • Rent or acquire audio/visual equipment
  • Ample space to display silent auction items
    plus table, table clothes, props
  • Space for presentations/entertainment
  • Venue staff supervision and setup

$ 0.00


  • Event budget and operating expenses

Reduces your expenses.


  • Single day, special event policy with limits and coinsured as requested by venue
  • These policies are not cheap, but are a necessity.

$ 0.00

Event Sponsorship:

  • Solicit community to secure financial donations to underwrite the cost of your event
  • Local businesses & civic groups
  • Cash or in-kind donations
  • Secure donated items for prizes, food, beverages, entertainment, etc.
  • Provide sponsors' recognition on invitations, silent auction programs, etc.

6 weeks
or less

Registration and Tickets:

  • Determine ticket price. Consider food, programs, entertainment, giveaways and exclusivity when determining the price to attend your event.
  • Solicit friends, family members, co-workers, business contacts and anyone you know to attend your event.

$ 0.00

Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Identify jobs needed and time frame
  • Solicit friends, community organizations, schools and local corporations to volunteer for day of event
  • Keep track of assignments


Food & Beverages:

  • Contact local restaurants, grocery stores and vendors for donations/discounts.
  • Arrange for catering and pay for food, alcohol and soft drinks
  • Waiters, waitresses and bar staff

$ 0.00


  • Arrange for local celebrities to attend or perform.
  • Contact local bands to perform free of charge or at a discount


Publicity and Promotion of Event:

  • Press releases to local newspapers, radio & TV stations
  • Flyers and/or mailers
  • Event website
  • Arrange photo coverage for the day of the event.

By Email

Clean up:

  • Arrange volunteers for trash removal during and after the event.
  • Help with cleanup and breakdown of tables, tents, etc.


Recognition and Event Evaluation:

  • Recognize bidders who raised the most money
  • Send out thank you letters and recognize sponsors and participants after the event.


Send Emails

Now that you understand the benefits of using an On-line Silent Auction,
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