Mobile bidding is Included

Viewing the auction catalog, searching or browsing for interesting auction items and bidding to win your favorites can be done seemlessly from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device.

Bidder Login - If you have registered for an auction, you will be able to login to your bidder account from any device you wish to use. If you have not yet registered you can also do that from any device.

If you find yourself on a auction item detail page, without logging in, you can login on the same form where you submit your bid.

Forgot your password, no problem just click the link and we will Eail it to you.


After logging in you will be redirected to the Auction Items catalog screen. Here you can scroll down and browse through all the auction items, You can also click the Category drop-down and select to view just the item categories that are of interest to you. A search feature is also available to speed up finding your favorites by entering their Item ID or search by the item Name.

You can click on the name of any item to view all the destils, or if you already know which item you wish to bid on, just click the "Submit Bid" link and place your bid.


Already logged in and ready to place a bid...

If you want to enter the next higher minimum bid, just verify the bid amount and click the check box to confirm your understanding that you are submitting a biding bid, then click Submit Bid.

Not logged in, no problem, you can enter your Email address and password at the same time as you enter your bid amount.


After submitting a bid you will be asked to Click OK to finalize the bid transaction. This process creates an audit record in the item's bid history as well as your account's bid history. So you can always check on what bids you have completed.

You will see a message at the top of the screen acknowledging that your bid was successful.

On the Bid Preference screen you will have the opportunity to receive an Email whenever you are outbid as well as setting up optional automatic bidding, up to a maximum amount that you enter, if you are travelling or otherwise occupied.


Your Bid Items screen - This screen displays all the items you have bid on during an auction. This is a handy screen to return to when you wish to place another bid for a favorite item.

Your Bids screen - This screen displays an audit trail of all your bids during an auction.


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