On-Line Silent Auction Overview & How It Works

Your Web Site

Your web site's Home page would include a button or link to your personalized Silent Auction web site.

Your Silent Auction Web Site

Your SilentFundRaising.com auction web site would be created with a color scheme that matches your site's colors along with your organization's logo, up to three (3) photos in the header and a personalized URL like
     http://pvpen4laphil.silentfundraising.com or

How It Works

  • Step 1: Register your organization on SilentFundRaising.com
  • Step 2: Create an Auction and choose your unique sub-domain
  • Step 3: Choose your Auction's start date, restrictions and enter information about your organization
  • Step 4: Configure your Auction site's colors and upload your logo and photos
  • Step 5: Create your Auction categories
  • Step 6: Solicit donors and donated items
  • Step 7: Add your Auction items, even add items after the Auction starts
  • Step 8: Enter your site content (Welcome page, About, FAQ, Terms)
  • Step 9: Compose your Site's automated Email messages (Tax Receipts, Outbid notice, Winning Bid, etc)
  • Step 10: Invite Bidders to Register and Bid! (for eBlasts, we recommend Constant Contact)
  • Step 11: Add a link or graphic on your organization's web site to link to your Auction
  • Step 12: Start your Auction on your chosen date
  • Step 13: Promote your Auction by: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Press Release, Newsletters, Community Event Calendars
  • Step 14: Review Auction performance
  • Step 15: Closeout Auction
  • Step 16: Announce Winning Bids
  • Step 17: Collect payments and distribute Auction items
  • Step 18: Run final reports


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